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Maine Bed and Breakfast, PineCrest Inn, located near Portland, Kennebunk and Freeport

Your Maine Bed and Breakfast Inn                                                                                                         91 South St  
Fine Food, Fine Wine and Great Accommodations.                                                                              Gorham, Maine 04038                                                                                                                                                                                            (207) 839 - 5843

Sit back. Relax. You found the right place!

Your visit to Maine will not be complete without a stay at the PineCrest Inn. We are located in the heart of Southern Maine. You will rest comfortably near Portland, Kennebunk, Freeport, Sebago Lake and of course the Ocean.

Our 9 lodging rooms are comfortable, clean, elegant yet casual but most of all relaxing and welcoming. As your destination for all things Maine, you find our lodging perfect for that private, exclusive retreat.

But don't let the relaxation bother you, business travelers will enjoy the PineCrest Inn for it's complete service while taking care of things that matter. Maine's own PineCrest Inn is close enough to all of Metro Portland, that you won't miss the hassle of staying in the city.


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91 South, our restaurant and wine bar is highly acclaimed and rated 4.5 stars. Open Wednesday through Saturday and Sunday Morning for Breakfast.

Your stay will not be complete without a stop at 91 South.  Please call 207-839-2495 for your dinner reservation.

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Your Visit to Maine -


Reasons to Stay at the PineCrest while traveling to Maine


  1. Affordability. – Our rates are very competative. They range from as little as $99 to a high season rate of $179 and compare to rooms in other lodging properties at rates double that.
  2. ValueAll the rooms are spacious, and impeccably decorated each with its own style and feel. Regardless of the rooms rate, each room gets the same expanded list of in room amenities and high quality linens. The rooms are casual, elegant and pristine. An all around excellent value.
  3. Compromise – There are no compromises at the PineCrest Inn. We take everything very personally and want your stay here to be the most memorable stay during your trip. You have the option to stay at many places in Maine, from budget accommodations to luxury hotels but you won’t find the PineCrest Inn cutting corners.
  4. Breakfast – The PineCrest Inn takes breakfast to the next level. No forced socializing during your stay. If you want to be social, that’s up to you. If you want a quiet breakfast of uninterrupted personal time, you can have that too.
  5. Quality – From the rooms to the food. Our breakfast and dinner items are first sourced locally. Much of our produce comes from small independent farmers and local fisherman. The less time to our door means the best from our ingredients and the freshest items available. When in season, our first choice is always local choice.
  6. Convenience – While staying here at the PineCrest you will find yourself a very short distance from so many amazing locations. There is no shortage of things to see, only a shortage of time you have to spend.
  7. Dinner - Of course we are biased. We tell you that up front. Our Dinner service will rival any in the region and it doesn't take long to see that. You will want to make a reservation for at least one night during your visit. Unfortunatly we are open for dinner service only Wednesday to Saturday nights.

Explore Maine –


We don’t want to tell you how to use your vacation time but we do understand a few things about Maine and in particular what people enjoy most about their visit to the state.


First- We have a phrase – “You can’t get there from here” which means indirectly that perhaps you shouldn’t try to see everything all at once or do what we call a drive by vacation view of Maine. Remember Chevy Chase’s European vacation? “Look kids big Ben, Parliament…..Look Kids, Big Ben Parliament….Big Ben Parliament.”  

Maine is here to be experienced.  Don't watch it pass through the window of your car. Maine’s slogan is “They way life should be” and to truly experience Maine you need to slow down and take your time, look at the awesome raw beauty that will surround you. Absorb it. And don't forget an extra storage chip for your camera.

Our lives are filled with complete chaos so take our advice and take a break from it, slow down, let it all soak in and relax.

Second - The PineCrest Inn is one of the most convenient places to stay in all of Southern Maine. We don’t say that just because we want you here. In fact just the opposite.  Many potential guests call the Inn and ask about stay one night and seeing the area. Our usual response is to suggest they take a close look at their plans and consider rearranging their trip.


Exploring Maine, Higgens Beach, Altantic Surf

Everyone here in Maine wants you to leave fully satisfied,relaxed and wanting to return.

Here at the PineCrest, we would rather you stay somewhere else if it means making your trip easier to do the things you want to do!


Third -From our vantage point here at the PineCrest, we are a very short distance from days of activities and sights. We highly suggest you only plan to do things you have time to enjoy. If you are staying two nights, which is really one full day, we can recommend a great trip around the coast line, visit some lighthouses, walk through some historic military ruins, a brief visit to a nearby island and then to a long leisurely dinner overlooking the harbor while the sun sets casting long shadows on the boats in the harbor.

Fourth – Pace yourself. The PineCrest Inn starts your day with a very leisurely paced breakfast. We don’t serve everyone at the same time. We prepare your breakfast when you arrive and at private tables. We don’t believe in forced conversation. If you want to meet the other guests, you can. But you won’t feel uncomfortable because you selected a private table in the corner to sit and read the paper..

While visiting Maine we highly recommend visiting our state parks. They are some of the most gracious and beautiful areas in Maine. There are dozens of parks within a very short distance to the PineCrest.

At the end of the day, don't worry! Come on up, we'll help you find the things you are looking for.