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For questions and live phone reservations please call us at (207)-839-5843

Maine Bed and Breakfast, PineCrest Inn, located near Portland, Kennebunk and Freeport

Your Maine Bed and Breakfast Inn                                                                                                            91 South St  

Fine Food, Fine Wine and Great Accommodations.                                                                              Gorham, Maine 04038                                                                                                                                                                                            (207) 839 - 5843







91 South is a private dining establishment.

Our members enjoy invitations to private wine tastings, house concerts, poetry readings, book signings and more.

Interested in becoming a member? Our membership is open to the general public. A life time membership fee is $1.00

Overnight guests automatically receive a complementary lifetime membership in 91 South. No need to apply.




About Us

91 South - Fine Food

and Fine Wine

Open Wednesday through Saturday

Hours: 5:30PM to 10:00PM

Reservations are expected

Open Sunday Morning

Hours: 9:30AM to 12:00AM

No Reservations are needed

Call 207-839-2495

Wine, Wine and What to Expect -

On your arrival, follow the entrance signs to what is a true New England entrance. Straight into the kitchen. Often guests are first greeted by non other than Chef James Turner, standing at the hot stove. Don't be alarmed, you have come to the right entrance. We aren't big on formality and welcoming guests in a side door makes us feel right at home.

So step past the snow blower and salt bucket, walk past the shovels and ice picks. Ignore the smoker and propane tanks and don't worry about the spare gas tank, its probably empty from the season of record snow.

Your Maine Bed and Breakfast wine bar boasts of 65 wines by the glass and nearly 100 labels. Our wine list exemplifies at pet peave of ours. We hate buying wine in a restaurant. Have you ever seen a $12 bottle listed for $32? How did that make you feel? We believe in the value of our wines and price them according to the value you recieve.

Meaning, if a wine isn't worth what you pay for it, than we won't pour it.Period!

Our wines by the glass are also available by the bottle at only $10 over suggested retail. As business we know that pricing our bottles at only $10 over suggested retail cuts heavily into our wine margin but we feel that as a customer, you should know what your wine really costs. And by using this formula, you know what you are buying. We take care in choosing wines that are both "nice drinking" wines and "food wines" We love the bottle but in the end, we are all about the food.

Wine a bit, you'll feel better.

Brad Terry Performing Live

Thursday Nights with the Unlikely Trio featuring Brad Terry, Peter Herman and Barry Saunders.

The Don Roy Trio Performs Live Monthly -

Will Gallison Peforms at the PineCrest - 91 South

Somewhere over the Rainbow with Brad Terry and Peter Herman