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Maine Bed and Breakfast, PineCrest Inn, located near Portland, Kennebunk and Freeport

Your Maine Bed and Breakfast Inn                                                                                                            91 South St  

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About Us


The PineCrest Inn originally built in 1753 has a long and storied life. A single family residence for most of its life, the home was converted into an Inn by Joe and Jane Carlozzi in 1993. Matt and Amy Mattingly took over operation in 2005 and have welcomed over 24,000 guests to Gorham.

The home as it stands today is the result of an amazing show of community pride and patriotism.

In June of 1825 a fire erupted burning the home and most of its out building to the ground. According to local lore, the fire was set after a servant girl wasn't allowed to visit a traveling circus. While the family was away, she set fire to the home.

On July 4th, 1825, Flag Day, the men and woman of Gorham gathered and in one single day and a huge herculean effort, they re framed the entire house in one day. In lue of the towns Flag Day celebration, they opted to help out a citizen and their show of community and patriotism.

The PineCrest Inn was originally a single family residence built in 1753 by a prominent local family. In June of 1825 the property was burned to the ground. The entire property and barns were destroyed.

Since the property was the home to the local physician, the town of Gorham came together on July 4th of 1825 and reframed the main house. Each year the town celebrated independence day and in lue of the celebration that year, they town fathers decided that a good old house raising was in order.

The men worked all day while the ladies of the town brought breakfast and lunch for the workers and served them under a tall oak tree across the street.

Although this seems like a town pulling together to help one of their own, it is our opinion that the workers were probably everyone who owed the good doctor money. Since in 1825 payments for medical services were often in the form of a trade, this makes a great deal of sense.

The property stands today as it was rebuilt in 1825 minus a couple of features like a veranda and large barn.

Although the home changed hands numerous times over the years an odd familiarity exists between almost every owner. They were musicians, singers and even a family that made baseball bats and puzzles, each one with some creative blood flowing in their veins. Some of their bats are still found today and we even have located some of the original wooden puzzles.

The most interesting fact is that almost every owner of the property has had something to do with music. Going all the way to the original construction in 1753. Owners brought in traveling musicians who offered concerts and even in the mid 1800’s the owner was known as singer who often entertained folks around town. Even into the mid 1900’s  and later many locals still recall getting piano and violin lessons here in the house.Even a choral lesson or two.

Now, over 300 years after the property was first constructed, you can still hear great music every Thursday and Friday night in our main dining room and out of the side lawn all summer long.

The PineCrest was converted to its present form in 1993 by a local couple. Joe and Jane Carlozzi still live in the area as does their daughter Linda and Ron Brooks who took over for Joe and Jane on thier retirement from Innkeeping.