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Exterior of the Inn

Our History

The PineCrest Inn was originally built by a prominent local family in 1753 and has a long and storied life. As a single family residence or some type of boarding house for most of its life, the present day home was converted into an Inn by a local couple, Joe and Jane Carlozzi in 1993.

The home as it stands today is the result of an amazing show of community pride and patriotism.

In June of 1825 a tremendous fire erupted burning the home and most of its out buildings to the ground. According to local lore, the fire was set after a young servant girl wasn't allowed to accompany the family to visit a traveling circus that was in the area. While the family was away, the disgruntled girl set fire to the home.

Since the property was the home to the local area physician and his family, the men and woman of Gorham gathered on July 4th, 1825, and in a single day with huge herculean effort, they re-framed the entire house. In lieu of the town's Independence Day celebration, they opted to help out a beloved citizen and their show of community and patriotism.

The men worked throughout the entire day while the ladies of the town brought in breakfast and lunch for the workers and served them under a tall oak tree across the street.

Although the town pulled together to help one of their own, it is also noted that the workers were probably indebted and owed the good doctor payment for services rendered. Since in 1825 payments for medical services were often in the form of trade...chickens, eggs and such.

The property stands today as it was rebuilt in 1825 minus a couple features like a veranda and large barn but also additions have been added such as the dining room area and Innkeeper's apartment.

History is an amazing thing....and it only adds to the charm and uniqueness of the PineCrest Inn.

Today.....It is under the NEW management and care of Ms. Kathy Powell, formally of Denver, Colorado.  Guided under her passion for hospitality and watchful care for detail, she is excited to welcome you to the PineCrest, and to the best of her ability, make your stay a memorable one!

Reasons to Stay at the Pinecrest INN

All the rooms are spacious and impeccably decorated, each with its own style and vibe. Regardless of the room's rate, each guest room gets the same expanded list of in-room amenities and high quality linens. We do our very best to give you all the necessities of home to insure that you have a quality good night's sleep, feeling refreshed to rise and start another awesome Maine day.

No Compromise
There are no compromises at the PineCrest Inn. We sincerely want your visit here to be the most memorable stay during your trip. You have the option to stay at many places in Maine, from budget accommodations to luxury hotels but you won’t find the PineCrest Inn cutting any corners.  Our goal is to serve YOU in every comfortable detail of your stay to the best of our ability.

We take pride and care in our furnishings and atmosphere making sure every guest is made to feel at home and comfortable with their surroundings. When in season, our first choice is always local when it comes to the produce and food we serve.  Breakfasts are freshly made daily, and in season, along with our own herbs from our garden.  We try our best to be mindful of others food allergies and dietary restrictions, just let us know!  We serve Carrabassett Coffee, a Maine favorite, who has honored us with our own PineCrest Blend!

While staying here at the PineCrest Inn you will find yourself only a very short distance from so many amazing locations and centrally located for several wonderful day trips, and just less than 15 minutes from the Portland Jet Port. 
There is no shortage of things to see or do, only a shortage of time you have to spend!
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PineCrest Inn
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